“NAVA VIDHA BHAKTI SEVA"                                          Temple Volunteering Opportunity
"Sravanam Keerthanam Vishnoho: Smaranam Padasevanam,
Archanam Vandanam Dasyam, Sakhyam Aatma Nivedanam"

The nine processes of bhakti are:

Hearing, Chanting, Remembering, Serving His Lotus Feet, Worshiping, Offering Prayers,
Being a servant, Being dear, and offering one's ATMA itself to the Lord.

Sri Anjaneya (Hanuman) is the foremost devotee because of his dedicated service to the Lord. SRI ANJANEYA (Hanuman) has shown that the size of the KAINKARYAM (service) does not matter. BHAGAVAN (God) is pleased, even if the smallest service is done with great devotion.

We have completed our two years of service with great success with the help of dedicated volunteers. To enable smooth functioning of our temple, we need your continued support and volunteering.

Symbolizing the NAVA VIDHA BHAKTI, as described in the PURANAS, we have formed nine volunteer groups , to help with various ongoing tasks. Each group comprises of five teams of five members per team symbolizing the Five Elements.. These groups and teams provide you (with)the opportunity to volunteer your SEVA (services) to benefit  the temple and our community as per your expertise, experience and availability. One person can volunteer to serve in as many as  3 teams. The temple management will assign the Group leads and work with the groups as per temple requirements.
A member of each team will lead the team for every six months.This provides rotation of the lead role and equal opportunity to all volunteers. In case you are unable to continue volunteering at any given point in time,  we request to provide a  month’s notice so that the temple can seek a replacement. We request you to continue to serve until a replacement is found.

If you would like to volunteer your time at the temple, please visit the temple’s website (www.vediccenter.org/volunteer) and register your  name, contact number, mailing address and email address.
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