Kairapu o Ako Mātātupu Project Support Application Form
As participants and alumni of the Ako Mātātupu flagship Teach First NZ Programme we are all Kairapu: seekers navigating inequities from a multitude of perspectives and approaches; all with the vision of young people thriving in Aotearoa.

The majority of us are in structured, full-time employment in schools or other aligned careers. Others of us are caregivers or postgraduate researchers or working in not-for-profits. Our core daily engagements and employments *are* the efforts we give to tackling inequality. However, there are projects and initiatives both inside and outside our primary vocations that need extra time and energy in order to tackle inequities.

We are here to help with these above-and-beyond ideas, however humble or however bold.

We have different forms of support available to back Kairapu efforts to promote flourishing and reduce inequalities. These supports are:
- One-off financial supports to get initiatives off the ground or fund one-off interventions, events, etc that align with our kaupapa
- Mentoring: book in a time to talk through your idea with a member of the Kairapu Team or experienced expert that we can connect you with.
- Release Days: funding to reimburse your school/workplace for one day of leave to work as a team on planning/strategising/reviewing a Kairapu Project. Past examples of Kairapu Projects include planning the Annual Alumni Retreat and the Māori Alumni Hui. New and existing projects are welcome to apply but will be limited to one packet of release day funding per group per year.

1. You will be undertaking a project run by or supported by Kairapu that is:
a) in service of young people's flourishing, or
b) in service of growing our capacity as effective change-makers/disruptors of inequity.
2. Any material support sought must not replace resources or funding that government funding should provide - i.e. basic department resources in a school.
3. Any financial support or release days support granted will be on a one-off basis.
4. In the instance of any support scarcity, priority will be given to projects serving lower socio-economic areas and/or people with Indigenous or other marginalised forms of experience, knowledge, and achievement.
5. Any person or project that makes use of financial or release days support must be willing to have their project known in Kairapu and Ako Mātātupu communities and platforms.

This form is designed to be simple and short. We will come back to you with questions if we have them.

Additional note: if you go over budget, there is no guarantee that we will be able to fund a shortfall. Avoid disappointment or difficulty by keeping a transparent and timely dialogue open with the Kairapu coordinator.

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Your name and current context (e.g. workplace/position/vocation)
Type of support sought
Clear selection
Other Kairapu involved in the project, if any:
Briefly describe or name your project or kaupapa:
Vision: Explain clearly how your project is either a) in service of young people's flourishing, or b) in service of growing our capacity as effective change-makers/disruptors of inequity.
Describe the outcome you are aiming for - what do you want to be different as a result of your work?
- Applications for one-off funding to carry out/start a project will require a full budget & receipts must be kept and sent in. A full budget simply means each item is costed out. It does not require a spreadsheet.  

See here for an example: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e83I5SmV4-pBYvttmjdc0hDhoiFw1c8jW9uUpIKBHKo/edit?usp=sharing

- Applications for Release Days funding to plan/share/review a collective Kairapu Project or Work Stream will liaise with the Kairapu Coordinator in regards to funding amounts for each workplace but will not usually exceed the average day relief rate of a teacher for each group member. It will be up to individual Kairapu to negotiate the release from work with their own relevant HR department/relief coordinator after successful granting of support from Teach First NZ. In the event that a Kairapu is fulltime studying/fulltime caregiving/other equity scenario the average day relief rate of a teacher may be received directly by that individual to honour their time and labour.
If applicable, how much money are you seeking?
Please provide a simple cost run down:
4. Sharing news; building a social-change movement
Your project will aim to have direct outcomes with particular young people, teachers, or change-makers. It would be great to be able to share a piece of the journey with others. If this question is a stumbling block please don't be deterred. We can offer support or talk about ideas for sharing that feel right for you.
How will you be able to let others know about your process, learning, or outcome?
Thank you for applying for support. Decisions will be made by the Kairapu Coordinator, with oversight from the CEO and in consultation with experienced peer Kairapu. We will be in touch to acknowledge your application ASAP. From there we will arrange next steps, any clarifying details, and create a reasonable timeline together.
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