Exploring Our Multitude of Selves: A Women's Workshop Weekend for Self-Care and Personal Development
Date: December 8-9, 2018
Time: 9am-6pm (both Saturday & Sunday)
Location: Chicago, IL
Learn more here: www.mosaiceyeunfolding.com/events

Applications are due by December 5th.
Please e-mail eharburg@gmail.com with any questions.

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What attracts you to this experience? What transitions or challenges are you going through at this time in your life? How are you hoping this retreat will support you? (We encourage you to write as much as you want as this will help us get to know you better and curate workshops and experiences especially fit for your needs!) *
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Tell us some identities that are important to you - these may include your age, profession, cultural background, roles in life. We are looking to gather a group of intergenerational women from different backgrounds, so anything you let us know about you can help us understand the unique contributions you will bring to this experience.
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Tuition to participate in the two-day workshop is offered on a sliding scale: one ticket for $195, two tickets (for you and your friend/sister/mom) for $295, or a student ticket at $100. How much are you willing to invest, and could you pay via PayPal by December 5th?
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Are there any skills you might be able to contribute at the workshop (ex: yoga instruction, photography, cooking, meditation, give a talk or training on something, etc.)?
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How did you hear about this retreat?
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