Archival processing metrics opinion poll
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Libraries Special Collections and Archives is studying how archival processing metrics (including the hours of labor required to process each linear/cubic foot) are gathered and used by our colleagues. We plan to publish our findings in an open access journal in 2020. This is an informal opinion poll. It seeks the perspectives of individuals (not their institutions). We encourage more than one person from an institution to individually complete this survey.

If you do not collect and/or assess processing metrics, your perspective is very relevant and important to our research. The survey will require only 5 minutes of your time.

If you do collect and/or assess processing metrics, we greatly value your insights. The survey will require 10-15 minutes of your time (if you answer all optional free text questions).

In the context of this survey, "processing" is defined as: actions performed on archival material from the time of accessioning to the point it is described online (in any way) and available to researchers (in person or online), and any actions performed to further describe it or bring up to current standards (i.e. additional processing). It does not include acquisition or digitization. For the sake of simplicity, the survey uses the terms "collection" or "archival material" throughout. However, the survey questions apply to institutional records, manuscripts, and all other archival formats, including born-digital materials.

This survey is anonymous. The form does not automatically record email or IP addresses. You will have the option to manually add your institutional affiliation and/or contact information at the end of the survey.
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Archival processing metrics are often supported by preliminary surveys, guidelines for processing levels, and other tools that provide frameworks for assessment. What methods/tools/resources has your repository used to collect and/or assess archival collections data? *
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