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What: Since 2023, we've been co-hosting CuriosityU, a series of invite-only unconferences for curious, conscious and awesome people. Some of these people identify as artists, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, technologists, thinkers and a lot of 'things' in between. It will be a safe space to discuss a range of themes - all led by participants, learn from the abundance we all carry within and compound trust and wisdom. It's a place to disconnect from your devices and immerse yourself in sharing and learning alongside others. The conversations are guided by the Chatham House rule.

Why: We have seen beautiful things happen when positive energies align. We want to help create spaces where the most interesting people in our networks can connect as humans, learn from one another and compound trust and wisdom. We'll like for these people I meet to experience that beauty and connect with other interesting people they may not have met.

Who: This series is hosted by Damola and Mo - with help from some of the kindest people we know. You ask one of us anything here

Where: Mexico, Zanzibar, and other places around the world.

Now, it's your turn. Tell us who we should invite to the next set of Curiosity Unconferences.
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