Student Application 2019/2020
The purpose of this form is to gather information about your interest in joining Detroit Youth Volume & to further communicate with you about being part of our awesome program!

DYV typically accepts new students in the Fall of each year and whenever we have an opening. Please complete this application to be added to our Wait List. Prospective students will be contacted on a first-come, first-serve basis whenever a slot opens up. You can also email to check in!

If you can not get into the program as quickly as you'd like, check out the following alternative music programs: Detroit Guitar Conservatory, Michael Malis piano, MSU Community Music School, Notes for Notes, Crescendo Detroit, Suzuki Royal Oak, Melody Piano Detroit, Third Wave Music, Circle of Arts, Motor City Music Together (ages 0-5), Girls Rock Detroit, Weekend School of Music.
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Would you like to donate to scholarship another child to take lessons with DYV?
Please list the DAYS & TIMES during the school year you are available for private lessons and group classes.
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Please provide as much information as possible in the "other" section - if a friend, provide their name. If a flier, try to recall where. If a Facebook post, add who/when posted it. etc
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