IWC Mentor Program Questionnaire
Thank you for indicating you were interested in the NEW IWC Mentor Program. Please complete the following questionnaire so we can pair you to the best of our ability.

• IWC Mentoring is a one-on-one match up that takes place at the conference and via email and/or phone conversations. The individuals involved in IWC Mentoring will start their relationship with a face-to-face meeting at the International Water Conference Get Acquainted Reception on Sunday.

• After the conclusion of the International Water Conference, we will check in once a month to see if you have talked to your mentor/mentee. The pairing will figure out which days and times work best for them for monthly emails or phone calls. Then, based on your goals each of you set for this mentoring relationship, decide how you can assist each other to promote career development and mentorship.

• The IWC Mentor Program is a yearlong mentorship that takes place conference to conference (1 Year). At the end of that time, we will revisit your purpose for needing a mentor/mentee and decide if you want to renew your commitment for another set period.
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