Riverside School Board - Virtual Meeting Registration for May 11, 2020.
Due to Governor Wolf’s mandated school closing and to best ensure the health, welfare, and safety of board members, district employees, and the public, the May Regular Board Meeting of the Riverside School District Board of Directors will be conducted utilizing Zoom Virtual Meeting software on Monday, May 11, 2020 at 7:00PM. Please use this form to register to attend the meeting. Please complete the form which will require you to provide the District your Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email address. You will be sent information via email, one hour before the meeting to attend. The Meeting will be in accordance with School District Policies 6 and 903. Public participation is invited early in the meeting. Comments about agenda items or matters that the School Board may consider are limited to approximately three minutes. The Public Participation segment of the meeting is for citizen comments on Meeting Agenda items, not for question-answer discussion or debate. The School Board is not obligated to respond, comment or vote on issues arising from public participation. Groups should identify a single spokesperson so that repetition is avoided. Visitors are to state their name and organization if any. The School Board President is responsible for the orderly and efficient conduct of the meeting and will rule on the time and suitability of presentations to the School Board. The School Board desires orderly meetings so that it can complete its important business. The School Board also encourages public participation and will be attentive to your concerns and opinions.
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