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>> UPDATE 03/05/2018:
We are getting ready to start processing applications for Block 2 in a couple of weeks! Probably the end of March!

I am so glad that you are interested in this wonderful opportunity where you get a HUGE discount on a 3 Month Business Reiki Package, and I get a testimonial!

Here is the deal:
- I am accepting a small amount of people for each section of this process. 2-3 new people every 3 months. And every time the cart re-opens for the next round, the price will increase, but still be at a substantially reduced price.
- If you are chosen for a round, there is an opportunity for you to renew your package each time at the next price.

What you get:
- Energetic Pampering for you and your business
- Strategies and action steps based on your energy and the energy of your business
- Crystal Recommendations
- Intuition Tools
- A deeper connection and understanding of your business and your energy

What is included:
- 12 Reiki Session of 60 minutes each; 9 for your business, 3 for yourself (One session a week)
- 30 minutes for discussion post Reiki session
- Support via Voxer in between sessions
- 1 60 minute Compass Session where we plan your package and goals

The full price of this package is planned around $2,500. But because this is a service I am not seeing any where else, and I want to build up feedback and testimonials, I am offering it as such a reduced price! The current price for this package is $400. If you need a payment plan, let me know!

>>> ONLY $400 FOR 12 SESSIONS! That is about $33.33 per session!!!
And that calculation doesn't even include the Compass Session or Voxer support!

The purpose of this application is to make sure that we are a good fit for each other. Being a good fit allows for the package to move more freely and aid in giving you the best results possible!

Once you finish the application, I will review it and contact you via email about my decision.

If you have any questions about this application, the process, or the package, please email me at

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