Mellowcup Coffee
We serve espresso based coffee, pasta and dessert. We always find the coffee beans that suit you best.

Address: 11-G-4,New Bob Centre, Jalan Gottlieb, 10350 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Contact: 012-937 3213

Weekday Coffee & Cake Special
Term & Condition apply:

Tueday - Friday 3pm until 6pm only

* Only on selected cake and Caffe Latte or Cappucino only
* 只限于特选蛋糕和拿铁或卡布奇諾而已

MELLOWCUP 全新12份超值午餐及晚餐 4.0 等着你~
Set lunch 12pm-3pm
* Chili Aglio Olio - RM15.90
* Pesto Vege Aglio Olio - RM15.90
* Creamy Carbonara - RM17.90
* John dolly Fillet (Bento) - RM19.90
* Chicken On The Beach - RM 19.90
* Chicken Cube with Spicy Tomato Coulis (Bento) - RM21.90
* Sweet and Sour Chicken Cube (Bento) - RM 24.90

*** All bento set will come with minestrone soup and drinks. Other set will include ice lemon tea/peach tea.
or Just TOP UP RM 6 to enjoy陈豪咖啡 (blooms coffee)

Set dinner 6pm-8pm

* Chili Aglio Olio - RM15.90
* Creamy Carbonara - RM17.90
* Chessy Tomato with Mushroom - RM 20.80
* Seafood Tomyam Spaghetti - RM20.80
* Seafood Basil Pasta - RM21.80

* Fish & Chip - RM 16.80
* Taiwanese Fried Chicken - RM 21.80

*** All set meal included ice lemon tea/peach tea.
or Just TOP UP RM 6 to enjoy陈豪咖啡(blooms coffee)

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