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So, you'd like to advertise with HS1327 News. Here's some basic information:

1. Our website gets 5000-6000 hits a month, with over half of those from our local area.
2. We are winning national awards. Since the beginning of the year we've been featured in a national publication with an award eight times.
3. We are actively increasing traffic on our website through social media and national competitions.
4. Advertising online has a click-rate, generally speaking, of 1-5%. That means 50-250 clicks a month!
5. We are offering this at an extremely low rate compared with our competition.
6. You can either send us the jpg/png, or our staff will design it for you based on your provided copy (text) and design parameters
7. Our advertisements are flexibly placed, from page footer to sidebar.
8. We are also starting a podcast, with local exposure from our website, and national exposure from stitcher and apple podcasts. Podcast rates are $60 for a 30 second ad, and $100 for a 1 minute ad. Podcasts will start in November, and we're charging by the month.

Cost: $35 a month
6 months for the price of 5 ($175)
8 Months for the price of 6 ($210)
Thank you for your patronage!
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