Formally Verified Systems Questionnaire
We are writing a survey of formally verified, deployed systems. If you have experience of any kind with such a system, please help making this survey extensive and accurate by answering the following questions. 
The full list of questions is available here

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Name of the deployed system or the project *
Area (select all that apply) *
Status of Project *
Approximate duration of project so far (in months) *
In which phase(s) of software development have the formal verification techniques been involved? (select all that apply) *
What type(s) of properties have been verified? (select all that apply) *
Any more specific information about the properties being verified?
How many coders/engineers are in the project team? *
Estimated verification effort so far *
What techniques/tools/languages have been applied in the project? *
Your level of expertise on formal verification prior to the project *
Is there any training on the techniques/tools/languages carried out? If yes, please specify the skills/knowledge and duration of the training.
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