Life Teen Youth Survey
Please fill out this survey to the best of your ability. This will help improve our Life Teen program.
Email address *
How many years have you been in Life Teen?
Would you be interested in being a youth leader?
What issues would you like to learn more about?
Do you feel welcomed by the core?
Do you feel you could speak to the core about personal issues or concerns you might have?
Which type of messaging would you prefer to receive messages from Life Teen?
Which mass do you often attend? *
Do you like having Life Teen at 7:00 p.m. Sunday?
Would you like more praise and worship during Life Teen?
Would you like more adoration nights?
Do you attend confession regularly?
Would you like more opportunities for confession or spiritual direction?
Have you ever been on a retreat?
Have you ever been to a Steubenville conference?
Would you like to attend a Steubenville conference?
Would you want to attend a Life Teen summer camp?
Does cost/pricing prevent you from participating in events such as retreats, conferences, and camps?
Which sacraments do you have? *
Which type of social nights would you like?
Which events at the new St. Francis Youth house would you most likely attend?
Do you like small groups during the Life Nights?
Which of the following would you like to help with at the 6:00 p.m. youth mass?
Which topics would you most like to learn about this year?
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