Fall 2019 Check-In Form
Please fill this out to help me, RA Breana, prepare for check-ins. I or another Ludlow RA will be handling check-in. Please include as much information as you know; this form will help me to be in the best position to help you and to make the check-in process as seamless as possible.
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Is this your first time living at Ludlow? *
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When you arrive, please let security know that you are arriving. The check-in time slots are 9am-4pm or 8pm-11pm. If you are arriving outside of the check-in time slots, security will let you into your room, and you'll need to go back to the security desk to contact a RA during the check-in time slots. *
Fall Check-In Agreement: I have read the Ludlow Housing policies and will abide by the rules. I understand that my failure to comply with the policies and remain in good standing at the Ailey School can jeopardize my placement at Ludlow. *
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