Engagement announcement questionnaire
-- Announcements are free and run only on Sundays.
-- All responses -- pre-written or via questionnaire -- may be edited for space, clarity, grammar and style.
-- No proofs.
-- The soonest an announcement can be expected to run is 10 business days after submission. You will not be notified before your submission runs.
-- Only couples whose weddings have not yet occurred will be included.
-- Bride-elect, bridegroom-elect or a parent or grandparent must live in The State's distribution area.
-- Either a completed questionnaire or agreement to legal statements is required.
-- Some announcements will be featured more prominently than others at the discretion of the editor and designer.
-- Email photo to social@thestate.com. Only ONE photo will be published. Include the names of the couple in the subject line.
-- If you want to buy 10 or more newspapers at a reduced rate on the day your announcement is published, order them BEFORE publication at thestate.com/socialcopies.
I have read the guidelines and agree to these terms. *
I certify that the information submitted is true, not defamatory, does not invade the privacy of any person and does not infringe any copyright. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless The State Media Company, its employees and agents from and against all claims and expenses (including attorney fees and expenses) arising out of the publication of material supplied by me for the publication. *
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