Diocese of Central Gulf Coast End of Day Form
Thank you for filling out this form! By collecting information about the response activities around our diocese, we will be able to showcase the Episcopal response to this disaster all over the diocese.
Please provide the best estimate you have for the numbers. We know it won't be perfect, but accurate-as-possible estimates will be extremely useful in the following weeks and months of the recovery.
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What's the "headline" for what you did today?
How would you describe it just a few words? ("Dry socks for first responders," "gutted parishioner homes," "held a community prayer service," etc)
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How many people TOTAL people did you serve today?
Please don't double-count in this section if people were served in more than one way. Please use individuals, not families.
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Is there anything else you'd like to add about what your church did to respond?
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