2020 EPHS XC Captain Application
Fill out the below form by August 6, 2020 to be eligible to be a captain. The coaches will review the applications and pick from them for the upcoming 2020 XC season.

Team captain(s) will be selected through a process in which eligible athletes will actively prove themselves fit to be named as a captain. In a captain, the coaching staff is looking for individuals who model the following ideals (those which we want to see in all of our athletes):
• Unselfishness – goals of the self placed behind the goals of the team
• Respect – for the program, coaches and all athletes regardless of rank or age
• Work ethic – willing to put in the work with the team and as an individual
• Optimism – positive and encouraging with self and teammates

Here are the team capacities that our captains must help lead, by setting an example and inviting teammates to join them:
• Take charge – don’t just rely on the coaches. For example, start the practice on time, even if the coaches are still
getting ready or temporarily occupied elsewhere.
• Always do more than is expected – stay longer, run farther, compete harder.
• Always take responsibility for your actions – don’t play the blame game. If you make a mistake or cause your team to
lose out in some way, own up, face the consequences and move forward – you will be respected more than if you try
to wriggle your way out with excuses.
• Lead your team by actions, not words. Anybody can talk – it is what they do that counts. If you skip or cheat on runs,
don't show up to practice or show up late, or don't listen while the coaches are talking, others will notice and follow.
• Don’t put yourself above the rest of the team – just because you have the captain title does not mean that you should
have any preferential treatment. A sports team captain is subject to the same rules and consequences as the rest of
the team. See yourself as one of the team, otherwise there will be a division between yourself and your teammates.
• Be dependable and prompt for races and practices (early is always better).
• Help lead the pre-race warm-up in a serious and appropriate manner.
• Help set an intense and enthusiastic atmosphere during the meet.
• Display good sportsmanship before, during, and after the meet.

In order to apply, student-athletes must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in our program, and competed on the previous year’s team.

If you are not chosen, please understand that we appreciate you applying, but we can not let everyone who applies be a captain. Ultimately the coaches will choose who they believe will be the strongest leaders, and will be able to help the coaching staff the most. Any seniors not chosen need to still be a leader on the team as you have more years of experience than others. Any Juniors not chosen should use this year to work hard and show us you want to be a captain your senior year.
Athlete Name (Last, First) *
Grade *
How many years have you been running for EPHS? *
Have you had any discipline referrals? If so, please explain. *
What other clubs or teams are you associated with? *
Why do you want to be team captain? *
Would you be willing to stay after practice a few times a month to help Coach Senecal with the youth team? (Tuesday's and Thursday's 6-7pm, captains would switch practices) *
If not, please explain why. (Write N/A if you answered yes above) *
What are your leadership qualities and how does each qualify you to be a leader for our team? *
What have you done or are planning to do in the preseason (April-July) to prepare for the upcoming year? *
Do you have a Strava account? Are you actively logging your miles? *
If you are not logging your miles, please explain why. (Write N/A if you answered yes above) *
Are you willing to assign discipline to your teammates for breaking the rules? (large issues will be handled by coaches) *
If not, please explain why. (Write N/A if you answered yes above) *
What is one thing you would like to see us add or improve on for the upcoming season? How could you help in making this happen? *
What are some things you would do in order to help a new runner feel like they belong to the team? *
If you weren't chosen as captain, who would be a good fit for the position? Why? *
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