Design for Autistic Adults
This survey is part of a university project researching into autism in adults, impacts to daily life, looking into anxiety, over and under-stimulation and calming methods for these.

Important Information:
Please only complete the questionnaire if you care for someone who is an autistic adult.

When starting the survey you will be asked to provide a unique code, personal to you. (For example your pet's name 'Buddy'). If you wish to withdraw your participation after completing the survey please contact the research investigator with your unique code to the email address below.

Your participation is voluntary, confidential and anonymous. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact the investigator at the email address provided below.

Please answer all the questions below that relate to you. and please be sure to have supervision of a carer if you are not able to complete the survey yourself.

Research Investigator: Josephine Evans
Contact email:
University: Nottingham Trent University
I have read and understood the information stated above and have had the opportunity to ask questions. *
I understand my participation is voluntary, anonymous and confidential and I can withdraw from the survey at any time without reason. *
I agree to take part in this survey. *
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How old is the person you care for?
What is their gender?
How severe is their autism?
fairly mild
very severe
How much does autism affect their day to day life?
Not at all
Affects all of my daily life
What difficulties do they have because of autism?
Your answer
Do they have anxiety or get anxious in overwhelming situations?
Do they ever get over-stimulated or under-stimulated in some environments and situations?
If you answered 'yes - overstimulated' to the above question, what do you do when this occurs?
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If you answered 'yes- understimulated' to the above question, what do you do when this occurs?
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If you answered 'yes both' to the above question, what do you do when this occurs?
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If you answered no to both to the above question, do any environments cause them stress?
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Do they suffer from 'meltdowns'?
Do they find they can prevent the lead up to a 'meltdown'?
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Do you have services/products/apps that help with calming down and what are they?
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