Morrill Career Day 2020 Sign Up
Morrill's Career Day
Date: Thursday, March 12th 2020
Location: Morrill Middle School FIS space (former library)
Time: 8:00am to 11:15am

An appreciation lunch will be provided from 11:15am to 12:00pm
Coffee and light snacks will also be provided in the morning

Thank you for volunteering for Morrill's Career Day!
Please answer the following questions so that we can best support you when you arrive.
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If you would like to speak about your career with a colleague or friend who has also signed up, please write down their names here (first and last) so we can group you to the best of our ability.
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If you were referred by a friend, family member, from Morrill's staff, would you like to see them during one of the rotations?
If you chose "yes" to the prior question, which Morrill staff member(s) would you like to see?
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Are you a parent of a student at Morrill?
Are you a former student of Morrill?
Have you done Morrill's Career Day before?
We still need a full 1 hour presentation or two small 30 minute presentations for the whole school at the end of the day (12-1pm) If you have any ideas, connections, organizations you think may be interested we'd love to hear from you! Write below. The name, contact information or website we can refer to. Thank you!
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