DBS Presents: Super Massive Online Live Death Eating Rivalry
Alright. So... Furnal Equinox, sadly, had to cancel their 2020 event. But I know that there were a LOT of people looking forward to the Dark Bunny Sauces panel. We were looking forward to the fun, the teasing, and most of all, shattering records raising money for charity.

So we're going to do it anyways! Pandemic be damned!

Welcome to the Online version. We're calling this the Super Massive Online Live Death Eating Rivalry - or DBS: SMOLDER

What is it? This is a competition. This is a fundraiser for the Furnal Equinox charity.
When is it going to happen? That depends on you! Depending on where people are, and how long it takes boxes to arrive, we'll then coordinate the show!

Want to be a contestant? There are some requirements!
1) You MUST be willing to eat sauces that are potentially VERY spicy.
2) You MUST have a webcam. This is essential.
3) You MUST (sadly) be located in North America. Given the state of the world, only those residing in North America can be somewhat guaranteed to receive their participation kits in a reasonable time frame.
4) You must fill in the questionnaire below

Want to participate in other ways? Awesome! All of the "rules" will be posted on http://darkbunny.ca shortly.
This form is for "participants"

Once we have an ample number of applicants, we'll begin the selection process and work out the next steps with each.
Do you want to be a participant? *
Do you have a functioning webcam? *
Are you located in North America? *
Are you prepared to potentially suffer spicy foods and the potentially humiliating realisation that you may not be able to answer any/all questions posed to you while live on webcam for an audience raising funds for charity? *
What is your name?
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What is your quest?
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What is your email address?
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Can you be contacted other ways? If so, list them here (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc.)
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Will you have a few hours to spend doing this, most likely on a Saturday?
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