January Polish Pickup Theme Nominations
Please submit theme ideas for the month of January. Popular themes as well as a few creative and unique themes will be chosen for the top 10. Please feel free to use the Facebook group "Polish Pickup Pack" to discuss your ideas. Themed polishes will go on sale for on polishpickup.com January 3rd - 6th. The sale will run as a pre-order. Orders will ship approximately 3 weeks after the close of the sale.

Past themes include:

December: Winter is Coming
November: Fairytales
October: Urban Legends
September: Magic & Alchemy
August: At the Carnival
July: PPU Flashback
June: Weather Phenomena
May: I Love the 80s
April: Famous Works of Art...Revisited
March: Album Covers
February: Famous Duos
January: Mythology

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