Water Rangers Teststrip Reading Study
This program's primary aim is to discover how we can validate citizen monitoring using machine learning. As part of designing citizen science programs, we are conducting research on nature connectedness with Carleton University's Happiness Lab and values with McGill University's Integrated Water Resource Management. By participating in this program you agree to allow your data to be used in their research. As part of our recruitment, we're getting you to take the required pre-survey.

Duration: Answering the questions should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

Risks and Inconveniences: There will be no greater risk than normally accessing the internet.

Possible Benefits: You will gain the knowledge that you are helping us understand citizen science programs like Water Rangers.

No waiver of your rights: By signing this form, you are not waiving any rights or releasing the researchers from any liability.

Withdrawing from the study: If you want to withdraw from the study, you may contact Water Rangers by e-mail any time before April 1, 2020, to withdraw your data: kat@waterrangers.ca. Also, you may skip individual questions, though some information will be necessary for Water Rangers to coordinate your participation in the program.
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Statement of consent
Part 1
Instructions: Use the 6-point scale in which 0 indicates that the value is opposed to your principles, 1 indicates that the value is not important for you, 3 indicates that the value is important, and 6 indicates that the value is of great importance for you.
Please rate the importance of the following values for you *
POWER (social power, authority, wealth)
ACHIEVEMENT (success, capability, ambition, influence on people and events)
HEDONISM (gratification of desires, enjoyment in life, self-indulgence)
STIMULATION (daring, a varied and challenging life, an exciting life)
SELF-DIRECTION (creativity, freedom, curiosity, independence, choosing one's own goals)
UNIVERSALISM (broad-mindedness, beauty of nature and the arts, social justice, a world at peace, equality, wisdom, unity with nature, environmental protection)
BENEVOLENCE (helpfulness, honesty, forgiveness, loyalty, responsibility)
TRADITION (respect for tradition, humbleness, accepting one's portion in life, devotion, modesty)
CONFORMITY (obedience, honoring parents and elders, self-discipline, politeness)
SECURITY (national security, family security, social order, cleanliness, reciprocation of favors)
Part 2
Instructions: For each of the following, please rate the extent to which you agree with each statement during the past two weeks. Please respond as you really have felt, rather than how you think ‘most people’ feel.
Please rate the extent to which you agree with the following statements *
1-Strongly disagree
3-Neither agree nor disagree
5-Agree strongly
My ideal vacation spot would be a remote, wilderness area
I always think about how my actions affect the environment
My relationship to nature is an important part of who I am
I take notice of wildlife wherever I am
I feel very connected to all living things and the earth
My connection to nature and the environment is a part of my spirituality
Part 3
Instructions: For the questions below please rate how often you have been involved in the following activities prior to (pre-test) water quality testing with Water Rangers.
Please describe your involvement in the following activities *
1- Never
2- Rarely
3- Occasionally
4- Frequently
5- Every day (regularly)
How often do you spent time in nature?
How often do you visit local water bodies?
How often do you talk with others about protecting the environment?
How often do you speak with others about water chemistry or water stewardship?
How often do you participate in local environmental groups?
How often do you work with others to address environmental issues?
How often are you involved in local wildlife/habitat monitoring or conservation actions?
How often do you volunteer in shoreline restoration efforts?
How often do you test the water of a local body of water?
How often do you recycle or reuse products?
How often do you volunteer for local garbage clean-up efforts?
How often do you implement ways to conserve energy and water?
How often do you participate and voice your opinion at public meetings regarding local environmental issues?
How often do you participate in collecting/donating money to environmental causes?
How often do you participate in writing letters or signing petitions for local environmental causes?
Part 4
Instructions: Please think about what you have been doing and experiencing during the past two weeks. Then report how much you experienced each of the following feelings.
Please report on the following experiences
1- Strongly disagree
2- Mildly disagree
3- Unsure
4- Mildly agree
5- Strongly agree
I have felt happy
I have felt content
I have felt anxious
I have felt wonder
I have felt alive and vital
I believe my actions can make a difference in helping conserve the natural environment
It is important for me to do what I can to preserve the natural environment
Sending your testkit to you
For some groups or schools, we may send your testing equipment to you. Please specify your university, college or group name so that we can allocate your equipment to you.
Do you agree to complete 8 water tests in the next 4-5 weeks and complete the post-survey?
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Are you participating in this as a...
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