Circalux Night-Light Survey
Hello! We are working hard to create a smart night-light product that is circadian friendly and user-responsive.

What is circadian-friendly: a light that is still white, but minimizes blue in its color spectrum. Blue light has the biggest effect on depressing melatonin level at night. Melatonin is a hormone, naturally elevated in our body in the dark/during sleep. It guides our sleep-wake rhythm, and many other biological processes!

Having developed the light using proven scientific principles, we hope to bring healthy illumination for night-time tasks.

The idea was born out of the need to have a better, more patient-friendly night-time illumination for caregivers in hospital rooms (notorious for poor sleep and vulnerable to light disruption). However, we think it would be just as useful for people who need to wake often during the night (parents of young infants, frequent bathroom trips, etc.) and would like light to automatically brighten their path.

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How important/essential would this feature be to you: Accurate distance activation, where at 8 feet away (room's length) the light illuminates and brightens as you get closer, but you would need to wear a fob/transmitter. *
Would prefer an on/off/intensity knob
Absolutely, handsfree is a priority
Alternative to wearing a fob/transmitter: having a bluetooth phone app that can trigger the lights based on distance, but sacrificing some performance accuracy.
Wouldn't sacrifice accurate performance
Greatly preferred
How important/essential would this feature be to you: If the light turned with loud sounds, such as your morning alarm going off. *
not at all important
Would add great value to product experience
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