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1st Night:
a. 1 - 3 People KRW 30 000 Per Person.
b. 4 - 9 People KRW 27 000 Per Person.
c. 10+ People KRW 25 000 Per Person

Additional nights:
KRW 5 000 Discount Per Person Per Night.
10 People for 3 Nights: 1st Night KRW 25 000 PP 2. 2nd Night KRW 20 000 PP 3. Third Night KRW 15 000 PP.


Camping is on either Wahyeon Beach or Gujora Beach. You can choose.
Our camping price are based on the size of the group and how many nights. The price includes tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, lantern, camping chairs, parasol and cooler box. BBQ Grills, a table and eating utensils are provided for people who order our BBQ Packs with lots of meat and salads (KRW 25 000 Per Person). Charcoal will be provided for 6 or more packs ordered.

The delivery fee and pick-up fee is included. We provide free transport to all the activities nearby including Oedo, Island Cruises, Fishing, ATVs, Kayaks and Sup, Water Sport etc. if you book through us in advance at cost (No extra charges on your side and convenient) and depending. Availability of transport also depends on the number of people.


Pitching the tents, taking them down and collecting and bringing the equipment to and from the nearest parking spot is your responsibility. You have to ensure that you are far enough away from incoming tides and that all equipment is secured against wind. A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged equipment. Please leave the beach clean when you leave.

There are public bathrooms with toilets and basins on the beaches, but showers are only available during the summer vacation. A small charge of around KRW 10 000 to KRW 15 000 may be charged by the local government at Gujora Beach during the summer vacation period. There is no charge at Wahyeon Beach.
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Both beaches are stunning and very popular. Your choice will depend on your interests:

1. Wahyeon Beach is more convenient and close to convenience stores, coffee shops and is more lively at night. It's also closer to Gohyeon Bus Terminal, Okpo, Jisepo etc. If you plan to go out and have more conveniences this is the beach for you. We can offer you better rates on Oedo, kayaking and water sport from here. You can also use our beach house showers at a small charge, but this will be subject to availability. If we have guests this offer will not be available.

2. Gujora Beach is much bigger and more untamed. It's only about 7 minutes' drive from Wahyeon Beach. This is perfect for bigger groups of adventurers who would like to rough it up a bit. There are convenience stores, coffee shops etc, but you have to walk much further than at Wahyeon and at night Gujora is quieter than Wahyeon with the exception of summer vacation where they often hold big events.
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Please give us an idea of the things your group will be interested in. You can select how many etc later. The prices here are just to give you an idea of the cost per person.
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