Gross Motor: Kindergarten Assessment
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Gross Motor
0 points- did not do
1 point- partially met
2 points-meets criteria
HOPS ON EACH FOOT: one foot at a time, 8x on each (42-47 months)
STANDS ON EACH FOOT WITH EYES CLOSED: for 3-5 seconds on each foot (54-59 months)
CATCHES TENNIS BALL: catch with 2 hands= 1pt, catch with 1 hand= 2pts (60-71 months)
WALKS ON BALANCE BEAM: forward= 1pt, backward (one foot behind the other)=1pt (60-71 months)
GALLOPS: 8 to 10 feet with same foot leading (60-71 months)
KICKS BALL: standing- 12 feet= 1pt. and run and kick 12 ft= 1pt (60-71 months)
SKIPS: 10 feet (60-71 months)
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