360° Orient
June 19-21 2020, Osnabrück / Germany
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Registration Open Stage
Open Stage to CD - Café Oriental
Sunday, June 21. (starts after the competition)
Show yourself and your art on stage as the final event of the festival. Participation on Open Stage is free for dancers with a WS-package. Send us your application and a video & write a few sentences about yourself: info@360-orient.de. Do not hesitate, the spaces are limited!
360° LIVE MUSIС AWARD feat. Mazzikatea Europe June 21. at 3:00pm
Competition of 360° Orient: Participation only for adults older than 18 years.
Balady AWARD LIVE – Improvisation! The accordionist Magdy Manga choses intuitive between a Balady Awardi and Balady Tet.
Tabla AWARD LIVE – Improvisation!
Tarab AWARD LIVE – Participants receive a list of songs considered as Tarab. 1st qualification round: participants dance to their chosen song.
Shaaby AWARD LIVE – Participants dance to their chosen song of the music selection by the musicians.
Megance AWARD CD – Participants dance a Megancé to their music on CD, up to 4 min.
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