Decoding Tech Series: Technology Consulting
Event Description:
With so many areas of expertise and industries to choose from, tech consulting is an extremely diverse field. We are inviting four tech consultants with diverse backgrounds to share anecdotes from their careers and answer some of our questions. Why do businesses hire tech consultants? How is COVID-19 impacting tech strategy? When will your project make an impact and how do you know? What will we see in the next technology revolution? Our goals are to learn about real people, see how they think, and understand how they create value in their roles as tech consultants. Each company represented on the panel is actively hiring BU students.

Zoom Information:
The official Zoom Link for this event will be sent to BU students and Alumni who sign up through our Google form. We will send out the official Zoom link prior to the event to all who signed up.

Please fill out this form by September 14, 2020, in order to receive event details.

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BizTech, FinTech, Cybersecurity Assn.
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