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Reviewer General Guidelines:

Reviewers are not employed by BBL Reviews, but are volunteered users of the site. Meaning, we DO NOT pay our reviewers to review books. All reviewers must be 18 or older to review for BBL Reviews, 17 with parental permission. Reviewers will write and edit their own reviews; however, a BBL Editor will review them prior to publishing on the website. Reviewers must be well versed in the English language and have the time to commit to reviewing books in a timely manner.

Reviewers must agree to review all books assigned to them. Reviewers may also select the books and authors they want to review via NetGalley and other platforms based on first come first serve. But other times, books will be assigned to each reviewers at request, depending on the time of the deadlines. In the case that a reviewer has an unexpected emergency, they need to contact BBL Admins ASAP so we can schedule a new due date, or find an alternate reviewer. Reviewers will get to keep the books they reviewed, however, it is illegal to share or sell the review copies provided to you.

Reviewers must be able to commit to reviewing at least 3 books per month, unless prior arrangements have been made. Reviewers need to be able to read several forms of eBooks as well as prints. EBook formats include PDF, ePub, Mobi, and .ascm (adobe digital editions) files. You must be willing to download Adobe Digital Editions for secure files and use NetGalley and/or Edelweiss for additional eBook formats, unless directed by BBL Editor otherwise.

*** IMPORTANT *** Terms & Conditions may change at any time and without notices. Also, each reviewer will be asked to sign the Reviewer Privacy Agreement in order to be considered as BBL reviewers.
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