2018 WHSAA Soccer Coaches Rules Exam
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1. The home team is wearing apparel under the shorts and shirt that is visible. *
2. Which of the following is considered legal equipment for players? *
3. The game officials are observed using headset communication equipment to speak with each other during a match. The use of this equipment is: *
4. The game officials are observed using flags with buzzer/beeper capabilities during a match. The use of these flags is: *
5. Team A has a kickoff in the first half of play. Player A1 kicks the ball backward to Player A2. The official should: *
6. A goal may not be scored directly from a: *
7. During the taking of a penalty kick, A7 uses several stutter-steps but does not interrupt the approach to the ball. The ball enters the goal. The referee should: *
8. During the taking of a penalty kick, A3 uses a feint to one direction but does not interrupt the approach to the ball. The ball enters the goal. The referee should: *
9. During inspection of the field, the referees note that there is no spot or other suitable mark in the center of the field. What should be the referee's response? *
10. During their inspection of the field, the referees note that the field has multiple lines of different color and the soccer field areas contrast in color to the other markings. The referees should: *
11. During their inspection of the field, the referees note that the portable goals are not secured, anchored or counterweighted. The home team’s head coach says that this is the first time all year that this has been considered a problem. What should be the referee's response? *
12. Which of the following is true if opposing teams choose to be on opposite sides of the field? *
13. Pads on soccer goals: *
14. Prior to the game, whether the field is unsafe for play and the game should be canceled is the responsibility of: *
15. The home team has painted the goals in its school colors: green and gold. What should the referee do? *
16. During inspection of the game balls supplied by the home team, the referees note that the balls do not have the NFHS Authenticating Mark. *
17. A game that must have a winner remains tied after overtime played under the NFHS Sample Tie-Breaking Procedure. The game will now proceed to a penalty kick tie-breaker. The team B coach informs the referee that he now wishes to add a player to his team’s roster, a junior varsity team player who has been sitting in the stands during the game. The coach reports that this player is legally and properly equipped. *
18. B10 is apparently injured. The referee has stopped play and summoned the Team B trainer onto the field of play. *
19. B7 is injured and is required to leave the field. Team B has no available substitutes and, therefore, must play short. Several minutes later, B7 has recovered from his injury, and his coach has sent him to report in. What should happen next? *
20. During the cautioning and/or disqualification of bench personnel: *
21. During the penalty kick, a player is found bleeding and is required to leave the field. *
22. If a team repeatedly substitutes to consume time: *
23. If bench personnel are cautioned or disqualified: *
24. Play has been stopped for a foul by A4. The referee has stopped the clock and has given A4 a caution (yellow card.) As the referee is walking with the player towards the Team A bench to report the caution to the coaches, A4 directs insulting language to the referee. A9, a substitute who is waiting to enter the game for A4, has not been beckoned onto the field by the referee. *
25. Player A14 scores a goal. Even though the player's name is not on the roster submitted by the coach at the start of the game, the referee should: *
26. The game is played with no official scorer available. *
27. The ball has gone out for a throw-in by Team A. While A9 is retrieving the ball, the Team A coach says “Sub ref!” and instructs A5, who is sitting on the bench, to enter the game for A13. What should be the referee's response? *
28. The referee awards a throw-in for Team B. Before the ball is put into play, the coach for Team B sends a player to the scorer's bench for entry into the game. *
29. The home coach presents a roster to the referee which shows the names of all of the players. The roster does not show the names of the coaches or other bench personnel. What should be the referee's response? *
30. Which of the following is not required to be submitted on a team roster? *
31. A dark jersey is defined as: *
32. All permissible artificial limbs must be: *
33. At the start of the game, the players from both teams have their shirts tucked into their shorts. Seven minutes into the game, the referee notices that A6’s shirt is no longer tucked in. *
34. Before the game, the referee observes B4 wearing soft-padded headgear. *
35. Before the game begins, the head referee must verify with each head coach whether their players are properly and legally equipped. *
36. Before the game, the referee observes that all Team B players are wearing pink rubber bands on their wrists. The referee should: *
37. Before the game, the Team A head coach informs the referee that A15 will be wearing a hockey-style mask, due to an injury she received in a game the previous week. *
38. During the pregame inspection, the official notes that the home team's players are wearing white socks with visible black electrical tape around the top of their socks in honor of a schoolmate who has died. The official should: *
39. It is recommended that substitutes: *
40. Prior to the game, a player is found to be wearing shinguards that do not contain the NOCSAE seal. *
41. Team A is the home team and Team B is the visiting Team. Before the game the referee notices that the home team is wearing a yellow jersey. The referee shall: *
42. The goalkeeper must have a number on the back of the jersey and on the front of the jersey or pants. *
43. The home team and the visiting team are both wearing blue shorts. There is no specific prohibition listed. Since it is not declared illegal, it must be legal. *
44. The home team is wearing white shirts with yellow piping on the shoulders and sleeves, and all white socks. The home team's head coach reports to the referee that its school could not afford new home shirts this year. *
45. The home team jerseys must be: *
46. The numbers on Team B’s jerseys are not clearly visible. Team B has no other jersey. The game shall be: *
47. Which of following may not be worn on the team jersey? *
48. After a goal is scored: *
49. An identifiable supporter of the home team seated in the designated spectator area is screaming profanities at the nearest assistant referee in disagreement with a decision about offside made by the assistant referee. The referee should: *
50. B14 takes a shot on goal, with goalkeeper A1 out of position. A3, however, extends her arm into the path of the ball, deflecting it to B9. B9 shoots and the ball enters the goal. *
51. Pregame conferences shall be conducted by the head referee. *
52. Spectators enter the field and disrupt play. What does the referee have the authority to do? *
53. Team B’s head coach receives a second caution and is disqualified. The referee shall: *
54. The jurisdiction of the officials shall begin: *
55. The referee observes a foul, but does not penalize it because she perceives an advantage; however, the advantage does not develop. *
56. The referees are wearing yellow jerseys. The visiting team is wearing yellow jerseys. The referee shall: *
57. Which of the following is not a duty of the referee? *
58. Which statement does not allow an official to caution or disqualify a player? *
59. Since there is no visible clock available at the game site, the referee shall: *
60. The home team shall provide ball holders for the game. *
61. A player is cautioned and the referee orders the clock to be stopped: *
62. If the Sample Overtime Procedures are followed by state association adoption, the interval between the first overtime period and the second overtime period shall be: *
63. The game is only 20 minutes old when Team A coach removes her players from the field because of a dispute with the referee. The coach refuses to continue the game despite the referee's instructions to do so. *
64. During play a referee awards a drop ball. *
65. During the course of play near the touchline, the official notes that Player A is running outside the field of play and is playing the ball, which is inside the field of play. *
66. The referee inadvertently sounds the whistle. *
67. When the ball is out of play or for a foul, the referee should: *
68. The ball goes directly into the opponent's goal from a corner kick. The referee should: *
69. The referee has awarded Team B a free kick just outside its own penalty area. B3 takes the free kick and passes back to the goalkeeper, who misplays the pass and has the ball carom off his foot and into the goal. The referee shall award a corner kick. *
70. A10 is in an offside position. After receiving a pass from B7, B9 accidentally passes the ball to A10. A10 should be: *
71. A2, in an offside position, receives a goal kick taken by B1. The referee shall: *
72. A player shall be penalized for the following action of the hand and arm: *
73. A14 is running toward the goal. Her teammate, A12, kicks the ball toward A14. A14 did not see the ball coming and the ball strikes her in the back of the hand as her hand is at her side. The proper call would be to: *
74. A9 believes that he has been fouled by B4. The referee allows play to continue. A9 tells his teammate that the referee is “an idiot.” *
75. A7 fell near the ball due to his own clumsiness. There is no opponent near him. While still on the ground, A7 kicks the ball to A12. The referee should: *
76. Bench personnel running onto the field while the ball is in play is an example of: *
77. Defender B7 handles the ball inside the penalty area, deflecting it to A3, who scores. What is the correct procedure: *
78. During halftime, the referee notices that the visiting team's head coach is showing his players a video of action from the first half on his tablet. *
79. During the game, the assistant referee on the bench side hears the home team's assistant coach talking on his cell phone. When asked, the coach says that his wife is pregnant and he is checking on her condition. *
80. During the game, the referee hears the home team's head coach using a bull horn to instruct her players on the far side of the field. *
81. For any delayed, excessive or prolonged act(s) by which a player(s) attempts to focus attention upon himself/herself and/or prohibits a timely restart of the game: *
82. Player B4 is disqualified for receiving a second caution. The referee should: *
83. When a coach is disqualified from the game and refuses to leave the playing area, the following can occur: *
84. Which of the following is considered unsporting conduct and will result in a caution? *
85. Which of these is true about taunting? *
86. A player has a physical impairment which limits him/her to use only one hand. *
87. If the ball goes in the goal directly from a throw-in from the touchline, the goal is: *
88. On a throw-in, the ball is in play: *
89. Player A’s throw-in lands completely outside the touchline, without having broken the plane of the touchline, and bounds into the field of play. *
90. The referee awards a throw-in to Team B. B17 runs towards the touchline with the ball, releasing it while she has both feet on the ground, on or behind the touchline. Her momentum, however, causes her to raise her left foot shortly after she releases the ball. *
91. Which of the following is the defender permitted to do during the throw-in? *
92. B17 is being replaced on a legal substitution opportunity for her team. What should happen next? *
93. An opposing player plays the ball before the ball clears the penalty area on a goal kick. *
94. Team A takes a shot on goal, which deflects off the referee and goes across the goal line just to the right of the goal. *
95. The goalkeeper, before taking a goal kick, moves the spotted ball from the right side of the goal area to the left side of the goal area. *
96. During the taking of a penalty kick: *
97. If a penalty kick is taken after the expiration of time, the ball is in play until: *
98. If during a penalty kick the kick goes directly over the goal line and there is a violation by the attacking team, the restart is: *
99. If on a penalty kick there is a deflection over the goal line by the goalkeeper and no violation by either team, the restart is a: *
100. The referee has awarded Team B a penalty kick. As B4 runs toward the ball to take the kick, A5 enters the penalty area before B4 kicks the ball. The referee should: *
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