The 'It Takes A Village' Directory of Awesomeness
A Directory of helpers and their unique talents and resources who are willing to donate their time or mentorship to the women and families of Chester County! (Your contact information WILL NOT BE SHARED with anyone, period. You will only be contacted by the 'It Takes A Village' Administrators if your talent or resource happens to match with our sponsors in need.
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Are you volunteering for the 'Village Nesting Crew' to help CYWA families transition out of shelter housing? (if you select yes, you'll be emailed details, and notified of future volunteer opportunities) *
Do you have a truck or van and would be willing to assist with picking up or dropping off large donations?
TALENTS & UNIQUE RESOURCES - Let us know what you're able and willing to share with our sisters in need! (examples: you're a car repair technician willing to do work for free, or an executive willing to provide mentoring to aspiring students, a personal trainer, you run a prayer circle, you like to bake, you could tutor, or provide babysitting, you could mow the lawn, move something in your truck, or do odd jobs...this could be anything! No talent or resource is too small or inconsequential...someone out there needs your help! *
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