Beagle for adoption
Blue Cross of India is looking for good homes for beagles retired from Medical Research

Note: These dogs are between 3 and 7 years and are healthy and agile. They require loving pet-friendly homes with experienced animal-friendly families.

They are not suitable for families with children below 10 years.

Beagle for adoption
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Is your home secure with a compound wall to prevent escape? *
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Beagles love the company of their own kind. The bond between two beagles are very strong. How many beagles you want to adopt? *
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These dogs have never been on a leash. They will take time to learn how to walk on a leash. Till then, how do you intend to keep the dog safe? *
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From where did you hear about laboratory released beagles? *
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Can you afford the expenses which will include - neutering, teeth scaling, medical expenses and an adoption kit? *
If you require more specific help with taking care of your beagle than what your counsellor can provide, are you willing to spend time, money and effort to work with a recommended canine behaviourist and veterinarian? *
Have you cared for a grown or older dog before? *
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