REJEA, a regenerative life programme (2020)
We're excited that you are interested in exploring who you are and why you are in your human body on this Earth in this moment, in order to create a life project or programme that will be in service to yourself, the Earth and to society. Around the world it is evident that the systems by which we live are breaking down. We are in crisis.

Rejea proposes that it is by reconnecting to ourselves, community and nature, remembering and sharpening the gifts we hold, and reimagining our traditions for this age that we can heal these systemic breakdowns and imagine and create something different and life-giving for all on Earth.

Rejea is a regenerative life programme because it facilitates our coming back to life in reciprocal ways, in ways that are restorative and generative of life for all members of community, in contrast to the present globalised extractive dynamic.

We will hold and facilitate you as you re-discover and re-connect to your life purpose and create a life project or programme that is in service to yourself, the Earth and to society.

We would like to know about your interests and background and why you are deciding to undertake this journey. Please fill in the questions below thoughtfully, reflectively and have fun. We will be in touch following this to have a conversation.

If you would prefer to answer these questions by video or audio clip, these are very welcome. Send the (short) clips in an email to wakamonji[at]gmail[dot]com
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Age *
This programme is designed for persons above the age of 18. Even though the roots of our crises are deeper, and we begin to lose who we are when we enter dominant systems at a young age, Rejea is at the moment only able to work with individuals who are able to give consent.
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Tell us a short story about your name *
What are some of your significant learning experiences to date and in what ways were they significant? (250 words max) *
This programme has no formal education pre-requisites to join. We know that much that is important to learn and shape us into holistic beings occurs outside of formal educational structures, in our day to day interactions with the Earth and with each other. Please share with us some of your significant learning experiences whether formal or informal. At whose feet have you grown and been nurtured?
Share with us 2 life changing experiences you have had, and in what ways you changed as a result (250 words max) *
In this programme we will be doing a lot of reflection to recover the gold in our experiences, both joyful and painful, and find out how they inform a life project that is in alignment with our deepest life purposes. Our significant life experiences are some of the core material we will use.
What is a challenge in the world that moves you or keeps you up at night? *
If you had a super-power, what would it be and why? *
What in your deepest core moves you to undertake this journey of rediscovering your life purpose and living regeneratively? (250 words max) *
Share with us 2 truths and 1 lie about yourself (without indicating which is which)! *
What is your biggest dream for how Rejea as a programme would support you? *
What is your biggest dream for how you would contribute to the community of Rejea journeyers? *
What song (and by whom) are you particularly vibrating with at the moment? *
Are you able to commit to a year-long programme? *
Rejea runs over 11 months, meeting once weekly for an afternoon for the majority of the sessions. During the apprenticeship period we will meet once monthly. The programme is designed to fit around other commitments you may have e.g. school, work, etc. while also contributing meaningfully to your life-project design effort.
Do you have any health issues or dietary restrictions? *
The programme will include a 3 day opening intensive, 3 day closing retreat and some full day meetings at which we hope to have or make food. We would like to know this to ensure your health and safety.
Exchange - the full cost of Rejea is KES 22,750 per month for 11 months. Are you able to contribute all or part of this towards your participation in the programme? *
Rejea is designed to help us rethink the unquestioned norms by which we live. This includes the current dominant economic system. Gift economy, co-responsibility and co-creation are values we aim to nurture to prepare us for living regeneratively. If finances are an issue, and they are for many of us for varied reasons, let this not stop you. We will work something out, including gifting, reciprocal resourcing and partial and full scholarships. If you are able to contribute more to participate in this programme, we encourage you to do so in this same spirit. Additionally, if you are able to contribute resources other than or in addition to money, share this with us, and we will work out something (e.g. a work-study scholarship). Ultimately, your desire to do the programme is most important. At this moment we would like to know, what you can contribute towards your participation in the programme. If you would need a scholarship to participate, indicate how much or what you are able to contribute by *also* selecting "OTHER" and typing in what amount of scholarship or other arrangement you would need, or what you could contribute in kind.
Anything else you would like us to know about you?
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