2021 Leadership Summit: Topics of Interest
Calling all youth and young adults, ages 12-24!

Hmong Youth and Parents United will be hosting a Leadership Summit this spring for youth and young adults aimed to facilitate the growth of their social and emotional competency, explore ways in which they can cultivate a positive self-identity and empower them to initiate change in their communities.

We want to hear what subtopics YOU want to explore related to identity, family relationships and mental wellness.

Subtopics could include but not limited to:

first generation experience, exploring multi-cultural identities, declining participation in cultural rituals and traditions, navigating difficult conversations related to cultural traditions, language barriers, answering “what does it mean to be Hmong”?

Family Relationships
strengthening parent and child relationships, building communication skills, domestic violence awareness, impact of substance abuse on the family, exploring and redefining gender roles, rewards and challenges of a blended family

Mental Wellness:
the stigma of mental wellness (in a cultural and social context), resources to cope will mental illness, bullying, mental illness and ways to overcome them (ie. ADHD, depression, Bipolar disorder, anxiety, eating disorders), self-care, identify warning signs of mental illnesses, loneliness

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