Oregon Writing Open Educational Resources
A Quick Questionnaire to Begin a Statewide Collection
The Oregon Writing Open Educational Resource project wants to find out what free or low-cost materials our colleagues around the state are using. We would appreciate hearing about any Writing Course OER you're using (or wishing for!).

This survey is being sent to both writing departments and librarians at every college. Librarians, for the purposes of this survey we're interested in openly licensed materials that you use specifically in support of writing classes.

This questionnaire is part of an Open Oregon OER grant project; to learn more visit http://oregonwrites.org/.

Please submit your response by March 31, 2016.

Do you currently use any free or low-cost resources in your writing courses? *
The resources don't need to be complete; if you use free or low-cost supplementary materials, or partially support your course through freely available materials, please say yes below!
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