Camdenville Paddock Membership Application
Please complete this form if you wish to become a member of the Camdenville Paddock Community Garden. All fees are invested in the ongoing development and improvement of the garden for the community. Membership is valid for twelve months from date of payment.
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Please note this is the annual membership fee to use the community areas and be eligible for the chicken roster. To request a plot please find further questions below
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Being part of the chook roster is optional when joining Camdenville Paddock. If you participate in the roster you will be responsible for looking after the chickens for 1 week approximately 2-3 times a year and receive half a dozen eggs every 2-4 months (depending on the chooks' productivity). Duties during your week include checking the hens once a day, collecting eggs, refilling feeder and water spouts, throwing in some scraps (i.e. green grass, weeds and grain).
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You must be a financial member of the Garden. Your application will then be assessed by the Newtown Sustainability Group Committee, the assessment criteria can be found in the CPCG ‘Plan of Management’. Please be aware that a waiting list may apply. Payment is due each year.
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If applicable, list any skills, equipment, and access to materials or information that you are able to share which may assist in the development of the garden (e.g. carpentry, social media, creative art, building, permaculture, gardening etc)
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The Camdenville Paddock Community Garden welcomes local residents and Camdenville Public School community members who are interested in fostering a sustainable urban environment by growing and harvesting their own food. The Garden exists for the good of the community. We ask Camdenville Paddock Community gardeners to share responsibility for maintaining the garden for the health and safety of our garden. We ask our gardeners to read the Plan of Management (available at and to agree to the following guidelines; 1. We maintain a neat and orderly garden, and we build an attractive and creative environment that is appealing to other residents of the community. 2. We manage good relationships with our neighbours, other gardeners and the organisations that support us. 3. We keep noise within the garden at a level that does not disturb our neighbours. 4. We do not discriminate against one another due to differences in race, disability, culture or sexuality. 5. Our decision-making is democratic, inclusive and transparent. 6. We make sure that any water leaving the garden is not contaminated by sediment, fertiliser, manure or excessive organic matter that might pollute our waterways. 7. We maintain our composting, chicken coops and farming systems in a healthy condition so they do not attract vermin or produce unpleasant odours. 8. We look after our rainwater harvesting systems to ensure our water is of a high quality. 9. We operate an inviting garden where new members are always welcome. 10. Visiting times are before 10.30am and after 3.00pm Monday to Friday during school terms. During weekends, public holidays and school holidays the garden is accessible to members and their guests from sunrise to sunset.
WH&S Policy
Members of Camdenville Paddock Community Garden are classified as volunteers for WHS purposes, and are thus exempt from WHS laws. However, we believe it’s in everyone’s interests to maintain a safe environment. We are committed to the health and safety of all members and visitors to the garden. All precautions will be made to reduce the risk of harm including: Ensuring all premises are safe and without risk to health; Ensuring that any equipment or substance provided for use is safe and without risk to health when properly used; Where appropriate, providing information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure health and safety; Providing adequate facilities for the welfare of volunteers.All new members of the Community Garden will be given a Site Induction and be provided with the garden’s ‘Site Safety Guidelines’, (see appendix 7.3. of the Plan of Management). The induction is a short talk, given by the garden’s Membership Coordinator, to ensure that everyone is aware of the hazards associated with working in a garden environment. Members of the Camdenville Paddock Community garden have the following responsibilities: To take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and other members; To cooperate with fellow members in the interest of the health, safety and welfare of everyone at the garden.To not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interest of health, safety and welfare. All visitors must be accompanied by a member and are required to sign the guest register. By signing in, the visitor is acknowledging that they understand the Garden Code of Conduct and will abide by these guidelines. If a member is away, their plot can be looked after by a friend or family member, however this person will need to be inducted and made aware of WHS regulations. Identifying Hazards: Hazards are everywhere around us. Before commencing a task it is a good idea to carefully assess the situation for possible risks to health and safety. Things you should take into account when assessing risks include: Your immediate environment; The materials you are working with; The tools and equipment you are using; Your own health and wellbeing. Examples of hazards in the garden environment include excessive sun exposure, insect bites, injury from use of tools, inhalation of spores in soil and back strain from inappropriate lifting techniques.Incident Reporting: All accidents and injuries are to be logged in an Incident Report sheet, located in the Resources folder in the Eco House. First Aid treatments should also be logged. Incidents will be reviewed by the Committee.
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