"DEV challenge: In a Business Analyst’s shoes for an hour" Workshop - registration
“These requirements SUCK! They are totally ambiguous, confusing and wrong!” There is no developer who hasn’t had these thoughts. And yet, fulfilling requirements is essential for the success of any project.

Challenge yourself: step in the Business Analyst’s shoes for an hour.

Participants will be divided into pairs, with each pair having one “business analyst” and one “developer”. The BA will be asked to create a written description of an object. The developer will be asked to recreate an image they have never seen based on that description.

Together we will comment the outcomes and highlight some best practices for writing clear and easy-to-understand requirement descriptions!

Duration: 2 hours

Max number of attendees: 20

More information here>> https://www.hackconf.bg/en/blog/hackconf-2018-workshops-announcement/
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