The CD of Your Life
The CD (Creative Dream) Form is to help us (and more importantly you) understand how TRANSIT ARTS can help shape a better experience for you. Please be as honest as you can.
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When you were a little kid what did you dream about doing when you grew up? *
When you were a little kid what did you enjoy doing so much that you would completely forget about the time? (sleeping doesn’t count) *
What is something you do now that you like so much you forget about the time? *
Name someone who is (or has been) a hero to you? *
What do you think you will be doing when you are grown and out of school? *
Imagine you had all the money you needed to lead a good life. Everything you needed was taken care of. If you could do anything you wanted, no matter what it paid, what job/career would you like to do that you believe could make the world a better place? *
What creative things do you like to do or want to learn how to do? (check all that apply and add anything you like) *
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