Język angielski dla dzieci i młodzieży - test Direct School
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1/50 London is the capital of Great Britain.
2/50 There are five letters in the word “doll”.
3/50 Wednesday is before Thursday.
4/50 Canaries are large and black.
5/50 Antarctica is a cold continent.
6/50 We eat breakfast in the morning.
7/50 Animals can’t live without water.
8/50 There are a lot of words in a dictionary.
9/50 You can’t buy fruit and vegetables at the market.
10/50 We use a raincoat in bad weather.
11/50 Knives, forks and spoons are made of metal.
12/50 Children never watch cartoons on TV.
13/50 It’s easy to drive on a foggy day.
14/50 There's often snow at the top of a very high mountain.
15/50 It's crazy to drive fast in thick fog.
16/50 If you want to open a bottle, you must have a bottle-opener.
17/50 Diet and exercise aren’t important if you want to be healthy.
18/50 A team is a group of people who work or play a sport together.
19/50 We wouldn’t be in danger if this building were in flames.
20/50 ‘Motorway’ is an American word for ‘underground’.
21/50 A Christmas stocking is a long sock in which children find Christmas presents.
22/50 When a friend lets you down, you feel sorry for yourself.
23/50 Kind people have a lot of enemies.
24/50 Plants need water and light in order to grow.
25/50 Speeding is one of the reasons for road accidents.
26/50 He .....… a student.
27/50 Jane .....… a small doll.
28/50 .....… the kites above the children’s heads?
29/50 .....… you have a helicopter?
30/50 Am I .....… the window?
31/50 Are there .....… horses in the park?
32/50 There .....… a wallet in his schoolbag.
33/50 Martha is the .....… girl in the classroom.
34/50 A pen is .....… than an iPhone.
35/50 We .....… at school two hours ago.
36/50 The doctor .....…. in Manchester tomorrow.
37/50 Mary .....… some money in the street last year.
38/50 She will ....... go to school on Monday.
39/50 I will cook soup if you .....… some meat and vegetables.
40/50 I'm going .....… my favourite cartoon TV tonight.
41/50 She .....… to travel around the world.
42/50 If he .....… an accountant, he would be able to add up numbers quickly.
43/50 Parents want children to behave .....…
44/50 The girls have seen .....… in the room.
45/50 Computers are .....… in most schools.
46/50 She may .....… everything.
47/50 My sister .....… me a new doll yesterday.
48/50 The boy plays football very well, .....…?
49/50 Children .....… influenced by television.
50/50 Did Charlie tell you the truth? – No, he .....…
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