Discover Magic(c) Camp at The Historic Masonic Temple 2020 Registration
Hello, past & future Magic Campers!

We are ready to roll with year 3 of the Discover Magic (c) budding magicians program at the Historic Masonic Temple.

This year, camp will be happening on the following 8 days: July 20 - 23 and July 27 - 30, with a final student & teacher performance at 2:00PM on Thursday, July 30th. Classes will run from 10:00AM through 1:45PM with drop-off opening at 9:45AM.

The HMT will be participating in the Bay City Public Schools' "Meet Up & Eat Up" summer feeding program, therefore a snack and sack lunch will be provided to your students every day of camp. They may also bring their own lunch/snacks, as we have a refrigerator in our building.

Car drop-off & pick-up is located on the 6th Street side of the building, and both the front and side entrances will be open for the students. You must be ages 8 - 14 to participate.

For your convenience, we have created an electronic form this year. If you are planning to mail in a payment, you may download & complete the form and mail it to: The Historic Masonic Temple (Attn: Magic Camp 2020), 700 N. Madison Ave, Bay City, MI 48708. Checks and money orders are payable to HMT - Magic Camp. If you would prefer to pay online, please use the link to our Givebutter payment options at the end of this form. We realize that, in light of the many closures and work stoppages that occured during the Stay At Home orders, you may need to break down your payment, especially if you are enrolling 2 campers. When you arrive at the payment links below, the two choices will be explained. For any questions, please contact Adam at - (833) 483-6753.
Thank you!
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Our historic building (though beautiful) does not have handicap access. Afternoon classes will be held on the second floor of the building. Restrooms are located in the basement level. Will accessibility be an issue for your student(s)? *
Does your student require an ASL (American Sign Language) or ESL (English as a Second Language) interpreter? *
Does your student have any allergies (food, mold, bees, etc), or special dietary needs? *BCPS food service can accommodate dietary issues such as gluten, peanuts, etc if we are able to communicate this in advance. *
PAYMENT: HMT uses the Givebutter application as its convenient, online payment option. Givebutter accepts credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo and Bank Transfers. Click the link below that best suits your payment needs. Please note that this will appear as a "ticket purchase". You have the choice to... 1). PAY IN FULL: This will link you to a "ticket" button in the amount of $175. Choose 2 "tickets" if paying for 2 students in full. 2). SPLIT PAYMENT PLAN: If you choose this option, your student(s)' registration must be paid in full by JULY 20th, 2020. Our system cannot set up a payment schedule for you, but you may bookmark the link and pay in 2 separate increments for a single student, OR purchase 2 "tickets" for 2 students. The button links will indicate PAYMENT 1 or PAYMENT 2. 3). MAIL PAYMENT: Print this completed application, include a check or money order to cover registration costs, and mail to: The Historic Masonic Temple, ATTN: Magic camp, 700 N. Madison Ave, Bay City, MI 48708 *Should you need to split your mail-in payment, please be paid in full by JULY 20th, 2020 and contact our director, Adam Gac, at (833) 483-6753 . In the memo area include the note "payment 1 of 2", or "payment 2 of 2" for clarity. THANK YOU! *
Thanks for participating in Discover Magic Camp at the Historic Masonic Temple! One more thing...we will have some disposable, kid-size masks and vinyl gloves, but we encourage the students to wear a mask of their own, if they have become accustomed to one, in particular. We are fortunate at the Temple to have the square footage necessary for social distancing. Will your student need a mask? *
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