Special Party Booking Information
Please use this form to begin the process of setting up your special event with Escape Games Worcester.

Days to Book
Available times to book your event are Tuesday and Wednesday 11am-7pm. Thursday and Friday are available for private events 12pm-2pm. We do not host private games on Saturday- Sunday as they are our standard hours of operation. If you are interested in booking on a Thursday-Sunday, please check out our reservation page at escapegamesworcester.com/reservations.

After completing the form you will receive a response confirming your submission after 1-2 business days.

For more information about what you can have at a corporate or special event, please visit our Special Events FAQ http://escapegamesworcester.com/corporate/

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Available Games
At this time, we have 4 games available. All have similar success rates and are of the same difficulty level.

Museum holds 8 players max
CSI holds 6 players max
Conspiracy holds 6 players max
Fallout holds 6 players max

How many attendees are you expecting? Please be as accurate as possible.
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