Board of Directors Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2023 FEL Board of Directors! Please provide the following information by 5 PM Pacific on Monday, 10/31. A representative will follow-up with you to schedule an interview during the first week of November.
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Please share your recent volunteer and/or professional affiliations (name of organization, your role, and relevance to the Board position(s) you are applying for). *
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Please feel free to share more about yourself, including your interest in community service and public libraries, and the skills you'd like to utilize or develop through Board service.
Board members commit to meeting six times a year (January, March, May, July, September and November), on dates/times determined in consultation with the FEL President. Board members actively contribute to organizational planning and administration. Can you confirm that your schedule generally allows for this level of participation, and that you do not have any conflict-of-interest in participating on the Board? *
Please share any other information you'd like that we may not have asked about. A member of our current board will be in touch with you shortly to schedule a brief interview. Thank you!
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