Beta Tester Application
Please read through this entire section before submitting an application!

Q: What does a Beta Tester Do?
A: The server is currently in closed beta, meaning that the server is whitelist only. Beta Testers help us work out issues on the server before it is released. Beta Testers experience the server in its unpolished and unrefined form, helping us sort out bugs and giving us essential feedback. They get early access to new features and the perks of the Merchant donor rank.

Q: What are the requirements for being a Beta Tester?
A: You do not need to have an amazing PC to become a Beta Tester. We are looking for Beta Testers with a variety of types of hardware in order to make sure our server is as accessible as possible. The basic requirements for becoming a Beta Tester are:
- Positive attitude
- Patience and willingness to work through issues with staff
- Ability to read and follow instructions
- Ability to form specific feedback (constructive criticism)

Q: Will the world be reset?
A: The survival world and economy will be reset after the closed beta phase is over. No items from the closed beta phase will be carried over to the open beta phase, however builds may be copied over upon request. Quest information should be kept private until release. More specific information about this can be found in the Beta Tester Info document, which you can read if you are accepted, pinned in the #betatester channel in Discord.

Q: How/when will I hear back about my application?
A: Your application will usually take around 24 hours to process, but can take longer in some cases. This allows our all staff member, who are based in different timezones, to review your application. Please do not submit your application more than once, unless prompted to. If you have been previously denied for this position, you may reapply in two weeks.

We may not contact you if your application has been successful for this position, instead, you will receive the role 'Beta Tester' and your name will become orange.

If you have submitted your application more than 72 hours ago (3 days) and have not heard back from us, or received the role on Discord, you can open a support ticket.

If you have any questions, you can open a support ticket in the #support_chat channel of our Discord server.

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