Office Space Inquiry for the NCFS
The Northern Centre for Sustainability (NCFS) is intended to be a living lab and innovation hub built upon the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Ecology North and Yellowknives Dene First Nation will share the building with partner(s). As well as sharing an open concept Innovation Hub, in which knowledge will move between Ecology North, the Yellowknives Dene First Nation, academic institutions, isolated northern communities and the people of the City of Yellowknife.

The NCFS will demonstrate cutting edge pre-commercial building technologies, and be the first “Living Building” in Canada’s North – the world’s most stringent eco-building certification programs. The NCFS intends to be carbon-negative but energy, water, waste, and people-positive. This project will actively promote technology replication, build retrofit economy momentum in Canada, and be the first project of its kind in the North.

Vision Statement:
“Imagine a place that transforms the North through innovative design, advocacy, inspiration, cultural reflection and the limitless possibilities of demonstration and education.”

More information can be found on NCFS website:

Your organization/business has previously shown interest in the NCFS. This survey is meant to find further information and gauge your seriousness of interest in partnership, along with finding out how you see yourself fitting into the vision as presented. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Your answers are for planning purposes only and do not represent any commitment to the NCFS.

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