I'm Athena...won't you introduce yourself?
Hello Intrepid Adventurer and Beautiful Human Being! Thank you so much for your interest in meeting me. I look forward to getting to know you a little better. I am grateful for your willingness to answer my questions so that we may have the opportunity to connect in person! Once you have completed my questions, I will be in touch by email or text to talk about how we might meet. I guarantee you that all photos posted on Twitter or my website are 100% me and that they are no more than two years old.
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What is your first name or the name you like to be called? *
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Where did you find me? *
Why me? What drew you here? What interests you about me? *
Tell me about you. What are you craving, missing, desiring? What sort of experience do you seek? What led you here? The more you share the easier it is for me to determine our fit and how I can make your experience extra special. *
Any particular kinks/fetishes/interests hiding under the surface? You can tell me anything and I will respect and celebrate your individuality. Please do share with me any particular areas of interest so we can speak openly about them and determine if I am the best fit to create the experiences you desire. I will only offer experiences that are within the scope of my interest, sense of safety and that I feel comfortable and confident in. If you consider your desires to be fairly 'kinky', I would appreciate you completing my more detailed Kink/Fetish Questionnaire at https://forms.gle/MJixx3pGDAmat1BdA *
Are you hoping to come to me, or have me come to you? Choose as many as may apply. (In person meetings are currently suspended due to Covid-19.) *
When are you hoping/available to meet? Please note that I am generally not available for late night adventures (11pm-9am). Check all that apply.
Are you aware of my fees? There is a full breakdown here (https://www.athenapallas.ca/rates). I do not negotiate prices outside of my set rates and outcalls may require a higher fee. However, if you are interested in something that you don't see listed, just ask me. *
Safety Screening
You can count on me for discretion, professionalism and integrity and I expect the same of those I spend my time with. Please respect that for my safety and security, I will not engage in new liaisons without your participation in my screening requirements outlined below.
Please select at least one of the following verification methods and forward the information requested by email (athena@athenapallas.ca) or text (647-484-3623). I reserve the right to request more than one method of verification on occasion. *
Please let me know if you have any other questions for me. I am happy to consider having a chat on the phone after you complete this screening, so we can get better acquainted and build anticipation for our time together. Thank you for being fabulous. I can't wait to meet you! xo Athena
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