Victory Life Benevolence Request

Please ensure that all questions are answered accurately and thoroughly. Submission of this form gives Victory Life consent to conduct all background screening applicable, including but not limited to, drug, criminal, and reference information.

Victory Life does not offer cash assistance. If your financial need is for rent, utility bills, medical bills, etc, all checks will be made payable directly to the homeowner, utility, or medical company. Reconnection fees, late fees, or deposit fees associated with any financial need will be paid at the discretion of Victory Life.

All requests are reviewed weekly on Thursdays. We will contact you with a response. Please do not call the church to check on the status of your request. If we need more information or have additional questions, we will contact you by phone.
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Do you have any immediate medical concerns? If so, please indicate in the explanation portion of this form. If you have a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately. *
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Please provide an explanation of your request. Please be as detailed as possible as to what you are asking for. If you are not a member of Victory Life, please indicate where you attend church. *
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