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Lead & Earn (L&E) Program – Exists to power communities, parents to become aware, prevent trauma, improve economic and social outcomes, by speaking up, sharing skills, investing time, money in children’s early creativity.

Our approach – We invest, train, motivated and inspired entrepreneurs, skilled mentors and volunteers age 18-30 years, as they invest in 8-18 years old youth.

Women on Change (WoC) 501(C)(3) Partners to empower parents, 8-30 years old youth globally to thrive, by investing in their creativity via mentoring and entrepreneurship endeavors.

Program Goal:
-Cultivate an understanding of self-awareness to create what drives you
-Foster problem solving early to lead
-Develop science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fluency
-Develop and grow entrepreneurial mindset
-Explore untapped creativity to address unique challenges with evolving tools
-Build community resiliency & global leadership

Please complete the form below to help us understand how to support your executing with your child/children. If you have questions, please email us Download the full program by visiting
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The Lead and Earn program is project based, where youth 8-18 years old are able to identify and advocate for their ideas. Clearly state a problem or idea that your child likes to solve and how a mentor can support them. Limit: one problem + solution per household. (200 words) *
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