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To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to sign this letter in support of the 501c3 non-profit organization SAR3. As a technical rescue professional or volunteer, I support the mission and vision of SAR3. I show my support with my signatures and hope you will consider funding their work.

SAR3’s mission:
To provide free and open access to rope-related resources, to expand rope science knowledge through user-driven research, and to facilitate teaching, learning, and knowledge sharing of rope skills across disciplines and cultural boundaries.

SAR3’s vision:
Our vision is of a world where:
• Rope skills are taught effectively and efficiently
• Rope skills are learned effectively and readily accessible in times of need by new and experienced practitioners
• Rigging decisions and protocols are based on evidence
• Rigging community members: know where to find rope-related resources for evidence-based decision-making; feel comfortable contributing to rescue science or suggesting ideas in need of research; and could view themselves as a competent teachers and learners
• All communities, regardless of socioeconomic situations, are prepared for timely rope related disaster response utilizing the available equipment and methods
• Rescuer egos do not hinder teaching, learning, or the saving of lives.

In conclusion, I fully support SAR3’s efforts to produce and provide open access rope-related resources to the entire rope-using community. Thank you for your consideration.


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