Join our new monthly zoom discussion panel! We're looking for 6 Therapists to join us!
We are setting up a new monthly Q&A and discussion panel for therapists to listen in to. Each month we will ask a set of questions or outline some talking points around current industry affairs to you, our panel of Massage and Physical Therapists and ask you to share your experiences, thoughts, tips and insights! The questions or topics will be chosen by the therapist community each month so they will be very relevant to the vibe of the community at that time. The discussion will take place over a casual and informal zoom session where a host will ensure everyone gets equal chance to share and gift to our wider community with their thoughts! We're looking for 6 therapists who feel they have enough knowledge and experience to share their thoughts and opinions with the community.
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Once selected, panel members will be offered remuneration if they choose to take part. We will share details of the remuneration once you have been selected and you can then decide whether to proceed or not. Panel members will also benefit from promotion of your name and personal brand to our large audience of therapists - you'll be an industry star!!!
Are you able to commit to 12 Q&A's calls this year (once a month for one hour)?. *
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Are you comfortable having honest and frank conversations about the realities of running a clinic / business in our industry? *
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Thank you for your time! We really look forward to reading your submission! If selected we'll be in touch!
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