2019 Kinetic Street Team Application
If you're a spinner in the (relative) Midwestern area who's active in your local flow/fire/art community, have a deep love for #spinculture, and want to help get the word out about #KineticFire 2019, this is the right place for you!

As a member of the Kinetic Street Team, you'll help boost the Kinetic signal on Facebook and Instagram, as well as in your local area. We'll have packages of Kinetic flyers ready to ship to each of you to help you get the word out. You'll make the flyers available at your local spin jams, and post photos or videos of the jam so Kinetic can share them and spread some love for your local community too! The more potential energy we build online and in our local communities, the more we can convert into the wicked energy of Kinetic Fire Festival! You'll be posting about Kinetic regularly on social media, to keep Kinetic on everyone's mind and help promote the event.

If you just can't stand the wait between now and Kinetic Fire, if you're wishing for a way to make the time go faster, or if you find yourself asking almost every new spinner you meet whether you'll see them at Kinetic Fire, apply for the Kinetic Street Team today.

OFFICIAL Kinetic Street Team Group ( PLEASE JOIN) : https://www.facebook.com/groups/338663819851139/

Applications close January 15, 2019.
Acceptance and denial emails will be sent Jan 21, 2019.

Kinetic Fire has changed venues. The new venue is Stable Studios, located in Spencer, Indiana.

Nina DeMaria *
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nina.deamria26@gmail.comEmail *
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Richfeild. Ohio *
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How many years have you attended Kinetic? *
Poi and hoop *
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Im im between cleveland and akron. With weekly spin jams in the evening in both cities i attened i as often as possible. I have been a part of a traveling art collective that fire performs flows travel oaints and teaches intrusctional workshops. *
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I would be honnored to become a memeber of the street team so i have the opportunity to influence someone to make the descion to attend kinetic 2019. Because i KNOW it will change and impact thier live more than they can comprehend. *
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Will you be able to share posts regularly? (We are expecting you to post 2-3 times a week, tagging #kineticfire #kineticfirestreetteam19, and the Street Team Manager, Sam Stefano.) This year we are offering street team unique swag & Tier 1 ticket pricing with no shifts necessary, 3-4 weeks before the event! *
Are you able to add a short post alongside shared content, instead of just simply sharing or "share now," to boost visibility and post reach? *
4123 Hart Road richfeild ohio
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Please provide us with a link to a picture of yourself (This will be the photo we use to place a Kinetic frame on.) *
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Anything else you'd like to include?
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