The purpose of this brief questionnaire is to learn about your experience with USAID's process of climate risk management. Results will be used to improve the climate risk management (CRM) process and resources provided.The form has 23 questions and all are optional. Please fill out as many or few as you choose -- even if you do not answer all the questions, please click on "Submit" at the bottom of the survey.

IF YOU ARE USAID STAFF, please fill out this form instead:
1. Your name and email address
2. Your title
3. Your organization
4. Name of the USAID project/activity/mechanism your organization is implementing that is relevant to this questionnaire.
5. Location of the project/activity/mechanism? List country (e.g., Ethiopia), region (e.g. East Africa), or global (whichever is applicable).
6. When was the project/activity/mechanism awarded (mm/yyyy)?
7. What are the sectors of the mechanism (select all that are applicable)?
8. How has your organization been involved with climate risk management (choose all that apply)?
9. If your organization conducted a climate risk assessment, what sources of climate information did you use (choose all that apply)?
10. If your organization conducted a climate risk assessment, briefly describe the method (e.g., was a particular tool used?).
11. If your organization conducted a climate risk assessment, who was involved (in terms of expertise)?
12a. How useful were the following resources?
Very useful
Moderately useful
Somewhat useful
Not useful at all
N/A or not used
Did not know it existed
USAID's ADS 201 Mandatory Reference (ADS 201mal)
USAID's Climate Risk Screening and Management Tool
Country/Region Climate Risk Profile
Country/Region Greenhouse Gas Emissions Factsheet
Guide: CRM Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Knowledge Management
Primer: Using Climate Information for CRM
How Does Climate Risk Management Work? e-Learning
Clear selection
12b. If you have suggestions for improving any of the resources or the way they are presented, please indicate the resource (e.g., tool) and how you would improve it.
13. What additional support/resources would be helpful?
14. In what documents is/was climate risk management incorporated (choose all that apply)?
Not Incorporated
Not yet written but LIKELY to be incorporated
Not yet written but UNLIKELY to be incorporated
Annual Workplans
Quarterly/Annual Reports
Activity Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan
Internal or external evaluation
Environmental compliance analysis (e.g., initial environmental examination (IEE))
Environmental Management and Mitigation Plans/Reports (EMMP/R)
Clear selection
15. What are the THREE most important enabling factors for managing climate risks to programming (select up to three)?
16a. Do you feel the mechanism will be resilient to weather and climate impacts?
Clear selection
16b. Why or why not?
17. Briefly, what are the expected or observed/measured benefits of managing climate risks to this mechanism?
18. Has CRM led to any unintended outcomes (positive or negative)? If yes, please briefly describe.
19. What advice do you have for others conducting a climate risk assessment and managing climate risks?
20. Anything else you would like to share about CRM?
21. Are you interested in your mechanism potentially being highlighted as an example of climate risk management for communication or training purposes?
Clear selection
22. Briefly, what are the major climate risks to the mechanism? How are they being addressed and adaptively managed?
23. Briefly, what if any opportunities are being acted upon (e.g., opportunities to increase climate resilience, opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions)?
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